Barnhill’s is a family-owned company which has been doing business for over 39 years in Horry, Marion, Dillon and Florence Counties. Bruce Barnhill began operating Barnhill’s Septic tanks in 1971. He took his blue prints that he drew up, of an actual septic tank, to DHEC in Columbia and they were approved and so became Barnhill’s Septic Tanks. In 1995 Hamp Barnhill, Bruce’s son, joined his dad and expanded to include a pump truck and port-a-johns. It is important to Barnhill’s to have superior work and satisfy all customers. There is a need in today’s culture to do a job the cheapest and the fastest way possible so that you can profit all the money.

Here at Barnhill’s this is not how we operate. It is important to us to do the job right and with the best quality possible every single time. Referrals are our biggest reward and the reason our business is still operating after all of these years and all of the competition. We strive to do all things the best we can and to make our customers happy.

It is an honor to serve our customers and we hope to be around for generations to come.

Find out more at http://www.youthinkyourjobstinks.com/


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